A Day of Kindness

A Day of Kindness


I have a task for you today. It’s simple, yet challenging; quick, yet requiring time. But it’s all worth it.

A Simple Task
Today, with everyone you meet, try kindness. I don’t mean that you should avoid being mean. That should be a standard goal. I mean you should actively be kind.

To the people that do little things today that make your day better, take the time to share a sentence or two of how much you appreciated it and how it improved your day.

To the people you may not normally notice but who seem particularly down today, find something positive about them and share it with them.

And to the people who are mean to you, find something good in the midst of the bad – their passion, their boldness, their ability to speak their mind – and praise them for it. Tell them you wish them well and that you both may continue to strive to improve yourselves.

It’s a simple task: a day of kindness. A way to brighten the day of others. Be careful, though. You may find out just how much taking this step brightens your day, and you may end up taking a simple task, and making it a daily joy.

About the author / David Bishop

David is a father, speaker, blogger (obviously), and author of How to Create Amazing Presentations sharing the tools, tips, and techniques of the experts to make you an amazing presenter, 7 Steps to Better Relationships built on the stories and lessons on this blog with seven easy steps to help you maximize your interactions with the people you care about most, and The Man in the Pit to help you care for loved ones struggling with depression.

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