Faith is Living Life Supercharged

Faith is Living Life Supercharged

A lot of people have varying ideas of what faith is. They look at it either from a different lens or a very narrow lens. I look at it though a supercharged lens.

Faith is Vision
Unfortunately, despair hides possibilities. We don’t often realize when we’re in despair that life isn’t as narrow as we make it. We typically only see one or two ways that things can work out.

And yet we’ve all been in situations where something happened that was totally unexpected and it changed everything. Or we talked to a friend about the problem and they quickly rattled off an easy solution that we never thought of.

Faith has a way of opening up our eyes. More accurately, faith keeps us from worrying about having to know everything. Faith allows us to focus on the important things in the moment rather than freaking out over what we don’t yet know. Believing that we are on the right path helps us move forward.

Faith Is Energy
The fact is that faith energizes us. Or maybe, more accurately, despair drains our energy. It’s hard to put in the effort if it’s pointless. Why try if we will lose? Why work hard if the outcome is the same?

Instead, if we find possibilities , if we see that we can make a difference – that we can succeed – that we can leave our mark – we overflow with energy. That energy in turn helps us put in the work that will change our world. Faith not only injects energy, it is the engine that causes us to produce more.

Making a Difference in Our World
So faith is energy? So what now? So now we find ways to add energy to the world. People need energy. They need motivation. They need faith.

We need to see the possibilities in people and help motivate them to make a difference. We need to believe they can – to see the vision of all of their potential – and to help them see that same vision, so they have the energy to make a difference.

There are so many people out there that will zap people’s belief in themselves and their motivation. We need to replace it.

Here are a few simple ways to do that daily:

  1. Smile. Yes, it’s that easy. Kindness is conveyed in a simple smile. Do it more often.
  2. Encourage. Find someone each day to give a compliment or encouragement to. Make it a challenge and a game. Have fun with it!
  3. Watch. Keep your eyes open for people that struggle and need a little kindness. The one that notices the quiet person in the corner during the office party has the potential to make a huge difference.


Believe that you can make the world better, than do it! Supercharge your world. That’s one of the most powerful uses of faith.

About the author / David Bishop

David is a father, speaker, blogger (obviously), and author of How to Create Amazing Presentations sharing the tools, tips, and techniques of the experts to make you an amazing presenter, 7 Steps to Better Relationships built on the stories and lessons on this blog with seven easy steps to help you maximize your interactions with the people you care about most, and The Man in the Pit to help you care for loved ones struggling with depression.

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