I Hope This Makes You Stand Up and Cheer

I Hope This Makes You Stand Up and Cheer

I am expecting some major applause today. I did something that I think is totally deserving. I grabbed a cereal box. I think you will agree that I deserve a resounding cheer. And you deserve one too.

Knocking Around Cereal Boxes
Earlier today I had a celebratory moment. As I was sitting making my breakfast, it happened. I had my glass of water near the edge of the counter to my right, my cereal bowl to my left and two boxes of cereal between me and my water.

As I was trying to fix my breakfast, a meal of cereal, fruit, and almond milk, I accidentally knocked into a cereal box. For just a second it tip-toed on its edge like a domino, before falling directly for my water. Almost instantly, I realized what was going on and my hand lunged for the box… and I caught it, just before a box of cereal and a glass full of water would have spread themselves all over the floor, between the cabinets and refrigerator.

A Little Celebration
As I sat there, giving myself a small sigh of relief, I started thinking about this turn of events. Here I saved the day, and I give myself no credit. If the water had spilled and the cereal unloaded, I would have let myself have it: “of all the stupid things!” I would have thought, “nice going!” I can be a real jerk to me.

But I prevented a good 10 minutes of cleanup, anger, and frustration and I give myself nothing. The sad fact is, if I would’ve walked around the kitchen waving my arms, screaming in victory, and acting like I was Superman I would’ve felt like a fool. But if I sat there over the spilt water and grumbled, complained, griped and acted like some kind of a fool I would’ve felt like that was justified. Why do we justify beating ourselves up but we feel foolish for praising ourselves for doing good?

Be Foolish
Here’s my prescription for today. It’s short, completely legible, and cashable anywhere. When it comes to finding the good in yourself, be foolish. Go ahead and be happy with who you are and what you’ve done. Go ahead and clap out loud and shout. Go ahead and strut your stuff and do a victory dance. You would have no problem condemning yourself for something foolish no matter who was watching. Why not do something a little foolish to praise yourself for something you did well?

Go ahead. Be foolish. You deserve it.

About the author / David Bishop

David is a father, speaker, blogger (obviously), and author of How to Create Amazing Presentations sharing the tools, tips, and techniques of the experts to make you an amazing presenter, 7 Steps to Better Relationships built on the stories and lessons on this blog with seven easy steps to help you maximize your interactions with the people you care about most, and The Man in the Pit to help you care for loved ones struggling with depression.

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