Maybe You Shouldn’t Say You’re Sorry

Maybe You Shouldn’t Say You’re Sorry


Language is an important part of living a successful life. Here at Wowful Living we’ve talked about language as it involves the king of four letter words, verbal erasers, and simply using kind language. Still there are always good lessons on how to communicate in a positive way. And another example is when we say something we shouldn’t.

The fact is we’ve all done things we shouldn’t have done. We’ve all done things that require an apology. It’s a good policy to apologize when we’ve wronged someone. But sometimes we go too far. Sometimes we apologize when we really shouldn’t. There are times when the apology becomes more about us than the other person.

New York based artist Yao Xiao put together a series of comics to show when maybe it’s better to say thank you. Sorry focuses on us and our inadequacies. Thank you focuses on the other person and their grace. Sometimes it’s better to focus on them and build them up.

Here are a few examples from Yao Xiao as shown on Bored Panda. Be sure to visit Bored Panda to see more and to find links to more of Yao Xiao’s artwork.

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