The Best Gift of the Season

The Best Gift of the Season

This year I am thrilled about the best gift of the season. And I was able to get it at a steal. Let me tell you how.

A Banner Year
Overall it was a great year. Joseph was able to get a bass he has been looking at for probably two years. His mother and I chipped in because it came from the UK and had to be shipped in a special case. He was thrilled.

Tristan is saving up for a computer. This year his gift was simple: money! He’s thrilled, because he just received part of his computer. I’m thrilled because he’s learning to save. Everyone wins!

Evan received a special cat stuffed animal and a couple of cat pets in a game he plays and a few little things. He loves cats so anything cats is great.

But the best gift of all was the one that was one of the best deals of the year.

Even Better Than a Guitar
I received a beautiful guitar this year from my girlfriend. It’s gorgeous and sounds amazing. That’s saying a lot because I’m the one playing it.

As much as I enjoy the guitar, I have to say the best gift was simply spending the time with the people close to me. Playing a guitar alone can be relaxing, but spending time with the people I love is on an entirely different level. And it’s the least expensive gift on the list.

Go Ahead and Spend It
This holiday season, go ahead and spend your time with the ones you love. It’s what makes this time of year so special. We may love to have gifts under the tree, but the most valuable gift we can give someone is our time.

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