1 Tip to Be Successful in Life

1 tip to be successful in life

If you want to have success and have a wowful life, there is one thing you need to do. You only need one thing: just 1 tip to be successful in life.

And it’s really simple.

Failure after Failure

For years my weight has fluctuated. I’ve written several posts about losing weight and keeping a healthy weight.

And at the same time it eluded me. I’ve had pockets of success, but I’ve also had a pretty hard time where I gained back what I lost.

Year after year went by as as I was 10, 15, and even up to 25 pounds over my target weight. No matter how hard I tried, I would get close, even almost 5 pounds away, only for it to spring back way out of range.

I was failing over and over again, and yet, I was employing the 1 tip to be successful in life.

Then Finally

You might be saying “how were you doing the thing you need for success if you were failing?” Easy. I was doing what Dyson did when he tried thousands of prototypes before creating his best selling vacuum, or what Edison did when he tried thousands of light bulbs.

You see, I have been tracking my weight for nearly eight years. I have been working toward a goal for all of that time. I have been watching and monitoring what’s going on. I have been paying close attention and using the 1 tip to be successful in life.

And I’ve now been weighing below my target weight. In fact, I’ve dropped my target goal down because of where I am currently. I’ve done something I haven’t been able to do for over 6 years, and it’s all because of this one thing.

And that thing is very simple.

Narrowing the Choices

The thing is that as humans we fail. A lot. Over and over.

But it’s okay. Because failure tells us what doesn’t work. It gets us closer to success. Why? Because we now know one more thing that doesn’t work.

If we have a thousand options and cross one thing off the list a day, after two years, we’re down to just a few options and our chances of choosing one that works goes through the roof.

Keep Trying

So what is the 1 tip to be successful in life? Persistence. Sticking to it. When I couldn’t make my weight goal, I didn’t give up. I’ve been working at it for several years, improving, working harder, cleaning my diet slowly, doing more exercise, lifting more weights, etc.

Dyson didn’t give up. He kept trying new prototypes. Edison didn’t give up. He tried more bulbs.

If you want to live a successful life, simply keep trying. Keep pursuing. Never give up. You will get better and better and the things that don’t work will drop by the wayside.

How can you be persistent today?

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