A Great Day Is a Surprise Away

a great day is a surprise away

If you want today to be exciting, there’s something simple you can do; a great day is a surprise away.

The Humdrum Day

It’s just another day in just another week to do just another job for just another check. The monotony almost seems rhythmic as it lulls any sense of excitement to sleep.

We get up, we get ready, we go to work, we come home, we have dinner, we do some chores, we go to bed, then we do it all again. Sometimes it seems that life is just an endless series of cycles repeating until they one day stop.

Days can seem so humdrum and played out. Sometimes it seems like every day is just like the last.

But a great day is a surprise away.

A Great Day

If you want to have a great day and turn the gray into a vivid array of color, it’s simple: a great day is a surprise away. Just find a way to add surprises into your day.

Make breakfast for your spouse, or if you already do, make something a little extra special. Bring in donuts into work or take the kids out for a treat. Bring a coffee or tea to someone just because. 

Call someone out of the blue to tell them they’re important to you. Send someone a card or a little gift. Give someone you’re close enough with that they will appreciate it a hug. Find new and interesting ways to make another’s day. You will be thrilled with how much more exciting your day becomes.

A great day is a surprise away. Simply find creative ways to surprise the people in your life with something that shows them they are special and you care about them. It’s a great way to make a great day.

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