A Simple Moral Test

a simple moral test

We all wonder where we would land if we suddenly were tested on our character. I have good news: if you truly want to know what kind of person you are, I have a simple moral test for you. You can try it out the next time you go out to eat.

Big Chains and Exploited Workers

If you’ve read Wowful Living for any length of time, you’ve seen me talk about how many big corporations are seeing huge financial gains while workers suffer. As the tax rate on the richest drops, the earning power of the lowest paid stays stagnant.

We live at a time where big corporations are seeing record profits and minimum wage isn’t keeping up with inflation. People are struggling to make ends meet. Chris Rock pointed out something about minimum wage: “You know what it means when someone pays you minimum wage? You know what your boss was trying to say? It’s like ‘Hey if I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.’”

There are many great companies that do good work and make sure their employees and supply chains are taken care of. There are other companies that simply try to make as much money as possible and share as little of it as possible with the people they rely on to make it all happen.

There is a way to take this situation and apply a simply moral test to see where you stand. Here’s How.

A Special Meal

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you probably know that a lot of restaurant chains make good money by selling extras: appetizers, desserts, drinks, etc. and they basically break even on the meals. At the same time, servers are often paid below minimum. Many states allow tipped workers to make less than $2.50 an hour if the tips make up the difference.

If you want to see who you are as a person, take this simple moral test. The next time you get food from a restaurant avoid getting one appetizer or dessert and put that money toward the tip. Are you the type of person that is okay with workers getting less if it means you have to forgo a luxury? Or are you the type of person who is fine with the system in place as long as you get your double chocolate cake?

You can always do both: get the cake and add the price of a cake to the tip, and if it’s a local restaurant and not a chain, you should. Always support local businesses that are trying their best to earn a living and employ local workers.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference: just a small sacrifice. Life is full of these types of small sacrifices that add up to a great deal of good.

It’s a simple moral test. Are you willing to take it?

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