All Our Problems Are Solved

all our problems are solved

I have good news: all our problems are solved. Hurray!

What a Wonderful Day

It’s a wonderful day. As of midnight, all our problems have been solved! Everything is roses! There is no problem left undone.

Life has no more issues to worry about. There are no more things that require solutions. Everything is taken care of. What a wonderful day!

Solutions Everywhere

That puzzle you were putting together: complete! That game level you were stuck on: done! That budget problem you were stressing over: resolved! It’s all taken care of and complete. Of all days, this is the day that all our problems are solved.

No more challenges at work. No more problem-solving needed. No more mysteries. Everything is solved!

Bygone Accomplishments

You know, I remember before all our problems were solved. I recall working on a computer problem that was so challenging it took me a couple days to resolve. It was so frustrating, but once is was complete, I felt such a sense of accomplishment.

Well, no more! I no longer have to worry about that stuff.

Like that fence! I remember having a problem of keeping my dogs in the backyard. I ended up spending a couple weeks putting in a chain link fence. It was hard work, but every time I looked out my back window I had a sense of pride.

Thank God I don’t have to do that again!

No More Challenges

Now I can just sit back and not worry about anything. I never have to solve another puzzle or come up with an amazing solution. I no longer have to rack my brain only to find out I was smart enough to conquer a very challenging problem.

It’s all over. There’s no dragon to slay, no project to complete, no thing to improve.

All our problems are solved.

All but one…

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