Anytime is a Great Time to Be Better

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New Years is a time that people think of ways to improve themselves through resolutions, but anytime is a great time to be better.

Time Travel and Treadmills

For anyone who spends their time doing cardio each day, you know what motivation it takes to make it happen. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you just want to get out and enjoy a good run, or you find someone to run with you to pass the time.

Other times it’s more challenging. You find yourself stuck on some stupid treadmill, you’re incredibly busy, or you’re dealing with something else entirely that’s messed with your mood.

When those tough times hit, those first few minutes of the workout are no picnic. They just drag. You know if you can just get some momentum, it will get better, but for now it sucks. Eventually you get to the last minute of the workout and nothing can stop you; you just have one minute to go! What could be easier.

I often think about how a minute is a minute no matter when in the workout it is. If we were teleported in time from one to the other, our mood could change drastically. Regardless it’s all a minute whether it’s the first or the last.

That’s the same reason I think anytime is a great time to be better as a person. We can always improve and defeat our dragons. We don’t need a new year to do it.

Anytime is a Great Time to Be Better

T.S. Eliot said “every moment is a fresh beginning.” Sure, the start of something big has extra excitement behind it, but every moment truly is a fresh beginning.

You can be who you want to be at any time. Just because the earth has rotated around the sun one more time doesn’t mean there is anything special about the moment we put out a new calendar. That’s all in our heads.

Is there something you want to do to improve yourself or grow as a person? Anytime is a great time to be better. This moment is the right time to change.

David Bishop

David is CEO of Cedowin Productions, dedicated to helping you live your best life through positive habits. He has inspired tens of thousands to improve habits and communication through books, articles, workshops, and apps. He is the creator of AweVenture, helping families enjoy fantastic, active experiences and Zombie Goals, literally making building healthy habits a game. He’s authored several books including How to Create Amazing Presentations, 7 Steps to Better Relationships, and The Man in the Pit, which helps people who have loved ones struggling with depression.

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