Being Happy Alone – Your Journey To Self-Fulfillment Starts Here

Being happy alone is not the end; instead, it is a beginning towards self-discovery and happiness by building a better relationship with oneself. Being happy alone is the start of an exciting new pathway, where one can unleash their true selves and simultaneously mend themselves in the process, without submitting to the whims and demands of others.

Loneliness is Liberating

Leo Tolstoy once said, “‘If you want to be happy, be.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or have difficulty adjusting to others. Being happy alone has a different kind of merit, and that too is quite a rewarding one. You can create a better world with a better you if you are determined to put in the effort. Loneliness is different from being alone – the former is more extreme; it makes you sad, and you are left longing for some ounce of pleasure and warmth. 

On the other hand, basking in solitude, which the latter grants you, is something else entirely. You are not anti-social; instead, you enjoy yourself and your company, which is what truly counts. You aren’t upset because you know that you have people who love and cherish you for who you are.

Once you are in a position to treat yourself better and appreciate your presence, only then will you be able to demand respect from others and urge them to treat you in a certain way that you find meaningful as well. It all starts with self-improvement and acknowledging that you are more than what people make you.

At times, silence and disconnecting oneself from others can lead to great yet unimaginable things. Perhaps, this could be the breakthrough you have been looking for all along. Maybe you have been wanting to write your thoughts down but haven’t had the chance. 

An Experience of Self-Discovery that Enlightens the Mind

Being happy alone does not have to be a cumbersome task – it can be a journey that guarantees fun along the way. A few things which you can undertake in this regard are:

  • Reading Books: Books are a person’s best friend, and they can be yours too. Whether it is for pleasure or research, ensure that you are having fun along the way while doing it. Sit on that couch, sip on a mug of coffee, take out a book, and start reading to your heart’s content. 
  • Disengaging from Social Media: Your social media is not a diary that needs to be updated constantly. Take a break, and instead explore things you enjoy and your interests. Go on a road trip, and don’t post. You will notice yourself feeling relaxed as if you are walking on air! Social media dictates our lives daily, so why not take this opportunity and turn the tables once and for all?
  • Watching a Movie: When we talk about being happy alone, we mean it. You don’t have to sit at home, on that couch, in order to find peace with yourself. You can even do it when you are out; go to a movie, treat yourself to a night out, where you binge on popcorn, a drink of your choice, and unleash your inner madness. 

No one can be perfect, and you have all the right in the world to act as you please. After all, being happy alone is not a skill that can be mastered; it is innate, and it only develops once you learn to love yourself in the process.

Tooba Wains

Tooba Wains is a Project Manager at Pen Slingers, obliged to provide you with positivity and aspiration towards life through her writing skills. She has written countless writings for different forums and websites. Being a sociologist, her ultimate goal is to spread humanitarianism through her writing pieces. Her primary genre of writing is motivation and aspirational content. What she enjoys most is encouraging those who have given up to find hope and excel. Through her work, she is passionate about spreading hopes and enlightening others’ ways.

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