a beautiful day

Have a Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day. Why not enjoy it, just because? A Bit of Faith I have a friend who lives in Seattle who saw over

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excellent vs. good enough

Excellent vs. Good Enough

There are two camps of thought when it comes to success. They both work, although differently. The problem is that they don’t mix well, and

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enjoy while you can

Enjoy While You Can

Life is short and full of choices. Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes our choices fall short. One thing we need to make sure

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enjoy what you have

Enjoy What You Have

The secret to enjoying life is to enjoy what you have. Here’s why. The Grati-Truth There have been a ton of books written on happiness.

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3 types of kindness

3 Types of Kindness

A lot of people want more kindness in the world, but is that always a good thing? There are 3 types of kindness, and only

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