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this isn't your day

This Isn’t Your Day

This isn’t your day, I’m sorry to say. It isn’t for you. No it’s not.That might seem a bit off, I know, but it’s simply

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people change

People Change

We don’t like to think about it and often don’t realize it, but people change. Even us. How we handle that can have a huge

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Actions, Not Labels

There are some things I don’t let my kids say. A lot of parents keep their kids from swearing. As noble as that is, there

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You’ve Made It!

Today, I have a simple reminder for you. It’s something true that’s all about you. It’s a reminder you can look at every time you

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Making It Through Monday

Monday’s can be tough. Sometimes Monday’s can be brutal. Here’s what you can do. A Case of the Mondays Monday’s aren’t always easy. It’s nice

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More Wow in Your Relationships!

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