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holiday cheer

Holiday Cheer

Are you ready for some holiday cheer? There’s a simple way to make it happen. Maybe I’m Being too Literal Do you want some holiday

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why not have fun today

Why not Have Fun Today?

Even if your ceiling is dripping, that doesn’t mean you have to be upset; regardless of what’s going on, why not have fun today? A

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the scariest thing around

The Scariest Thing Around

Want to know the scariest thing around? I hope you’re prepared. Creepy and Kooky I’ve seen some pretty creepy stuff in my life. I’ve had

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fun, fun, fun

Fun, Fun, Fun

There are so many opportunities for fun, fun, fun! What’s stopping you from trying them out? Fun as Kids When we were kids we loved

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Knowing When to Stop

The Homicidal Monk In my head there is a meditating monk, seemingly peaceful and serene, about to choke the living daylights out of the impatient

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