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a healthy perspective

A Healthy Perspective

If you want a healthy perspective on life there are three key things you need to do. The challenge is that they can conflict with

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Hair to die for

Hair to Die For

I have awesome hair as you can see. The question is, is it hair to die for. Truth Bombs The fact is, I’m sexy as

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a richer world

A Richer World

With the recent bout of social distancing and stay at home orders, we’ve discovered something unexpected – something that has nothing at all to do

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easy plant-based meals

Easy Plant-Based Meals

If you’ve been following my series on plant-based eating, you’ve not only seen how easy it is to go plant based, but you’ve also seen

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take a breath

Take a Breath

You have a lot going on in your life. Take a second to take a breath. A Full Day No matter what your life looks

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setting healthy boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

When people think of setting healthy boundaries, they think that it’s all about themselves: making sure people don’t walk all over them or take advantage.

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