Have a Beautiful Day

a beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day. Why not enjoy it, just because?

A Bit of Faith

I have a friend who lives in Seattle who saw over 30 straight days of rain last month. She was so excited when she saw sun on the horizon – nearly 10 days ahead.

I, on the other hand, was in the middle of fickle weather both unseasonably warm for winter, and bitterly cold with a near 50 drop in about a day.

The funny thing about weather and a global audience is this: no matter how nice it is in one place, chances are somewhere else will be rainy or overcast or bone-chilling cold. Writing a post about a beautiful day seems like folly.

Or is it?

A Masterpiece of Beauty

The fact is that the weather does not dictate how beautiful life is. Traffic doesn’t either. Or work, or circumstances, or really anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those perpetual happiness gurus that says that even if you’re being beaten with a tire iron you can be thankful it’s not an iron girder. The idea that difficult circumstances don’t figure into life’s enjoyment is delusional at best and condescending and elitist at worst.

That doesn’t mean that beauty isn’t all around. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have a beautiful day regardless of the weather, our situation, or our circumstances.

Let me show you.

A Beautiful Day

Does it look miserable outside? Then what about inside? Pretty much everyone has some art hanging on the wall. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate it?

What about some of the furniture you have, or the mantle, or even some of the tools you own? Have you ever stopped to appreciate the craftsmanship? Have you ever thought about the engineering that went into it and modifications over time that made it more precise and better suited for its task?

Have you ever thought about the fabrics in your home or the upholstery on your couch and the sophistication that created the intricate patterns? What about the clothes you own and the formal wear you have? Think of all the amazing design and labor that went into it.

The only point is this: we can’t change the weather. We can’t change our circumstances. Sometimes life is tough. But we can find inspiring things to focus on. Beauty is all around us.

Have a beautiful day.

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