How to Let Your Enemies Win


Here’s a simple one step approach to letting your enemies win. It’s even easier than you might think.

The People Who Bring Us Down
There are all kinds of people out there who work against us. They work against us specifically, maybe undermining us for a job or in our relationships. They work against the good we do, trying to outdo all our positive actions with their opposite. They work against our view of a better world, oppressing others or causing pain and grief to those in need.

For whatever reason, for whatever purpose, they have decided to counter our actions with their opposite, and often equal, reactions. They want to change the odds in their favor to turn things in their direction.

A Helping Hand
And we can easily let them win by giving them a helping hand. How? By being afraid. When fear is our motivator we become vulnerable to exploitation. Afraid you will lose your job? Suddenly that guy who tells you he can help you keep it becomes valuable. Afraid people you don’t know will try to harm you and your family? Then that woman that tells you her plan to insulate yourself from people you don’t know gets a lot of airtime in your mind.

We may worry about what happens when things don’t head our way, but often, this leads us down a path of bad choices. Look at the people who are afraid of foreigners, or gay people, or people of other religions. They’re scared. They’re afraid for their jobs, afraid of their god, and afraid for their safety.

And yet the person who has the most impact in your life is you. Yes, you could die by an accident, but you have control over the things that most affect your chances to live. Circumstances outside your control could affect your job, but you have the most control over whether or not you perform to your company’s satisfaction.

Why Not Win Instead
But that’s not even the most critical thing to consider. Let’s face it: if you’re always afraid, haven’t your enemies already won? What’s worse: living life to the full and dying early or living life afraid and living a long, gloomy, secluded life?

So why not win instead? Why not just live life happy? Why not just live life to the full? Who cares what your enemies do? Let them worry. You’ll be too busy living a winning life.

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