How You Can Make the World Better – A Guide

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Most of us think that we cannot make the world better alone but what if everyone is thinking the same way and restricting themselves from changing the world?

In order to make the world better, we have to give our best under all circumstances and never think about giving up. The late Nelson Mandela said, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”

Tips to Make the World Better

Making the world a better place isn’t hard. Even the smallest acts can make a big impact on this world. 

Maybe the donations you make to the charity center are the only ones keeping them intact. Maybe your little wave to the old woman selling fruit is keeping her active and happy throughout the day. 

You never know how your polite behavior is contributing to the world. Here are some tips that could help you positively impact the world.

Be Kind to Others

Often it takes only a small act of kindness to make a massive difference. Do you remember the last time you experienced an unexpected gesture that made you smile? The rest of your day seemed to be a lot more pleasant because of that, didn’t it?

Any person who has been treated with kindness will surely pass that kindness along. It can even be as simple as having a positive attitude and being kinder to others.

There are tons of ways to make someone smile. You can make someone’s day by sending them a little gift. You can also make something for your loved ones and express how much you appreciate them.

Respect Others

Respecting others around you can make a significant impact on the world. Even small gestures like holding the door for someone behind you or giving your seat to someone will encourage positivity among others.

Acknowledging the decisions and opinions of others is another underrated way of showing respect. Whether they are your family or friends, honoring their decisions will make way for a unique and joyous feeling. Consequently, they will respect others in a similar way, leading to a never-ending cycle of encouragement and respect.


Have you ever seen people around you striving for the things you have? Share with them, give them your clothes, donate blood or even a part of your earnings.  

This will make our world ten times better.


You don’t always need money to bring change to the world. You can volunteer for different events and charity drives for the needy that are held almost every day.

Volunteering can bring significant change to the world. You can also encourage your friends and family to participate in this selfless act.

Spread Positivity 

Positivity can make a huge impact on a person’s behavior. Instead of judging others and making wrong assumptions about them why don’t we peek at the positive outcome and try to understand others? 

Spreading positivity among the people around you will not only lift their mood but it will also encourage them to think more positively. 

Support Good Causes 

Supporting good causes and standing against unfair acts go hand in hand. These are two of the most important roles we can play as human beings to make this world a better place. 

Participating in a fight for a worthy cause or standing against a wrong act will make a huge impact on the world. It will encourage many others to follow the right path. 

Final Takeaway

Change begins with us, even our little efforts can make a big effect on this world. Kindness, donations, and respecting our relations are a few positive steps that can make the world better. Are you up to bringing the desired change? Make your world better with inspiration right in your inbox. Sign up now and receive a free powerful and insightful book on making the most of your relationships.

Tooba Wains

Tooba Wains is a Project Manager at Pen Slingers, obliged to provide you with positivity and aspiration towards life through her writing skills. She has written countless writings for different forums and websites. Being a sociologist, her ultimate goal is to spread humanitarianism through her writing pieces. Her primary genre of writing is motivation and aspirational content. What she enjoys most is encouraging those who have given up to find hope and excel. Through her work, she is passionate about spreading hopes and enlightening others’ ways.

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