Just a Little Time

just a little time

We’re all busy and find it hard to have time for anything, let alone something unplanned. Yet when we take just a little time when someone needs it, it can be the most important thing we do.

Consistently Constant

Life never seems to stop. There are so many things vying for our attention, and so many things that we are obligated to do. We get up early, go to bed late, and still can’t seem to find time to do it all.

If “busy” were a switch, it would eventually be stuck in position from never having moved. It’s the constant we just can’t seem to get away from.

With all the important and urgent things begging for our attention, we often find it challenging to find just a little time to show the people in our life how valuable they are. Yet, that’s often all that’s needed.

Timing Isn’t Everything

We want to help. When people we care about are hurting, we want to be there for them. But the most difficult part of it isn’t the time that’s involved, but the interruption. It’s a challenge to find 10 minutes or even an hour to help someone we care about. Just a little time at the wrong time seems like a lot.

Yet it’s that time that is often the most crucial. We need to take the time when we can to listen, to help, and to hug.

Just a Little Time

The next time someone you care about needs just a little time, find a way to move the other stuff off your calendar. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Give them your undivided attention.

And then find ways to check in once a week or once a month. We can often help when the moment is right if we make sure to nurture our relationships along the way.

It takes just a little time to make a huge difference in the lives of people we care about. If you find someone who needs you, take the time to show them just how important they are to you.

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