Life Is Two-Sided Coin


We like to think that life is simple and straightforward as if it works on one set of principles. But it doesn’t. It works on two. And we have to know how to apply both in order to get the most from ourselves and others.

Demand the Best
When it comes to being someone of character who makes their mark on the world, we must demand the best from ourselves. We must push ourselves to a higher standard of integrity and accomplishment.

Of course we need to be okay with failure and be kind to ourselves when we fall short, but we still need to keep moving toward a better version of ourselves where we make a positive difference in the world around us.

Accept the Rest
At the same time, we need to accept others as they are. We need to accept that they aren’t like us and they look at the world differently. We should help them see the best in themselves as well and lead them toward a better version of themselves, but we need to treat them in a way where we help them unlock who they are instead of us forcing them to be like us.

We may be driven to work hard and get things done, but others might be comfortable connecting with others and making them feel special. If we force them to work all the time, we are removing the value they bring to themselves, others, and even networking to get work done.

The more I expect people to live up to my expectations of what they should be, the more I will be disappointed. The more I help them uncover who they are, the more they will become all they can be.

A Life that’s Blessed
When we work to be all that we can be, we are happier, healthier, and make a huge difference in the lives of those around us.

When we accept people as they are, we allow them to find their path to happiness, health, and a positive future.

It’s difficult to see both sides of the coin when it comes to responsiblity. It’s a challenge to avoid putting our hopes, dreams, and long list of personal improvements on others, but it’s the best way to be a blessing, and the best way to be blessed.

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