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Most of us crave a feeling of purpose or significance in our lives – a purpose to make it a better world for someone. Even though we begin with a sense of commitment, that initial sensation of sacrifice frequently transforms into excitement and happiness.

Our efforts to help others have a varied track record of success, but they have a near-perfect reputation when it comes to helping ourselves. So, here’s how to make a difference to change it into a better world! You can be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. It’s up to you!

A Better World – How to Make One

Most of us think that a single person can not bring a difference in this world. This is not true. Helen Keller once said, “I can not do everything. But I can do something. If I can not do everything, then it does not mean I will not do something.” She gave a whole picture in these sentences. 

You can not change the world, but you can change someone’s world, and that makes all the difference. If every person thinks that nothing can change the world and leaves without making any effort – it can never be a better place! Everyone comes with a particular role, and by playing that role well – they can make a difference.

Even small actions count, and we should not underestimate this fact. Here we are a few ways that can make it a better world for some to live in:

Spread Humanity

Remember that the person you meet every day on the street is a human being, even if they are living on the streets. Because of circumstances beyond their control, they have found themselves in this position, yet it does not diminish their humanity.

Say hello and give them a warm welcome. It’s possible that your kind words will not only cheer them up, but also have a positive impact on the world. You must treat everyone as if they are on an equal footing, regardless of their social status.

Be Generous

In this materialistic society, it’s pretty simple for us all to become inconsiderate with our energy, money, and resources. When you are more generous, you will notice the difference in your life. You can do this when you ask a friend how they are, get a hungry person something to eat, read to children at the library, or merely stop and listen to someone’s bad day. Your generosity will make you feel less helpless in your efforts to make the world a better place.

Try to Conserve Water

Taking long showers and brushing your teeth while the water is running are indulgences that negatively impact the environment. Strive to keep track of how long you leave the water running and try to beat that duration the next time you turn it on.

Moreover, people in many countries do not have access to clean drinking water. Donate to organizations and charities working to improve people’s lives throughout the world who lack access to safe water. Preventable and water-related diseases could be reduced as a result of your donation.


The amount of time you spend volunteering doesn’t have to be a significant time commitment. A few hours a week is all that is required! You can get involved with a local group or even volunteer online for as little as a few minutes at a time through various websites.

Final Takeaway

Change starts from within. If you crave a better world, you have to make it yourself. You can be the candle that lightens up others’ paths and let them see clearly, or you can be a mirror that reflects what it needs to make it a better place for others to live in.

Tooba Wains

Tooba Wains is a Project Manager at Pen Slingers, obliged to provide you with positivity and aspiration towards life through her writing skills. She has written countless writings for different forums and websites. Being a sociologist, her ultimate goal is to spread humanitarianism through her writing pieces. Her primary genre of writing is motivation and aspirational content. What she enjoys most is encouraging those who have given up to find hope and excel. Through her work, she is passionate about spreading hopes and enlightening others’ ways.

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