Maybe We’re not Lazy; Maybe We’re Overworked

maybe we're not lazy; maybe we're overworked

Maybe We’re not Lazy; Maybe We’re Overworked

The other day I posted about how we’re seeing a huge decrease in a lot of the negative impacts we’ve had on the world. It started me thinking about how we view laziness and productivity. Maybe we’re not lazy; maybe we’re overworked.

A Major Change

The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our world. People are social distancing. They are working from home. They are going out less.

And we’re seeing what a huge impact that is having on the world. Smog has decreased showing off more of the world’s grandeur. Waters are clearer. Animals are more present.

These are all great things, and it happened because we’re slowing down. We’ve spent so much time working harder and harder to avoid being lazy that maybe we’ve not stopped to think – maybe we’re not lazy; maybe we’re overworked.

A Thought Experiment

This isn’t a statement so much as a thought experiment. When we’ve been talking about the world being over polluted, over taxed, over worked, and then in a couple days we see it being reversed and in a couple weeks we see things we thought we’d never see, maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

Maybe we don’t need that second home or second car or bigger TV. Maybe we don’t need a fancy vacation every year and the big boat. Maybe we don’t need the best foods from the nicest restaurants.

Maybe it’s not that we’re too lazy to put in more than 60 hours a week. Maybe what we need is something else. Maybe we’re not lazy; maybe we’re overworked and it’s because our focus is all wrong.

A Different Focus

It comes down to this – what’s more precious: your money or your time? What’s more valuable: your Mercedes or your peace of mind? What’s more important: your family or your stuff?

Maybe we’re not lazy; maybe we’re overworked, working for an ideal that doesn’t match what we really want. Maybe we’re sick of working all the time because inside we know it’s not going to get us what we really want.

Maybe it’s time to want less and get more. Maybe it’s time to simply work for what we need and be happy with what we have.

David Bishop

David is CEO of Cedowin Productions, dedicated to helping you live your best life through positive habits. He has inspired tens of thousands to improve habits and communication through books, articles, workshops, and apps. He is the creator of AweVenture, helping families enjoy fantastic, active experiences and Zombie Goals, literally making building healthy habits a game. He’s authored several books including How to Create Amazing Presentations, 7 Steps to Better Relationships, and The Man in the Pit, which helps people who have loved ones struggling with depression.

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