Patience and Hot Soup

Hot Soup

I tend to be somewhat impatient when it comes to Seattle drivers. Last year I was with a friend, and we were driving down the main road to my house. The car in front of me was going ridiculously slow around every turn.

I voiced my frustration with my usual, “Ugh, Seriously People!” My friend turned to me and said, “Be patient, maybe there’s soup on board. What if she just picked up soup for dinner for her family, and she’s being extra slow because she doesn’t want it to spill. We don’t know what’s happening in her car.”

I’ve thought about that many times since then, and thought about how this applies to people as well. We encounter rude and unpleasant people in our everyday lives, and we don’t know anything about the battle they’re fighting, and how it’s affecting them. So now, when I encounter unpleasant people like the woman at the grocery store the other day that was quite rude to me, instead of feeling offended, I just smile at them and say to myself, “Katina, maybe there’s soup on board.”

Katina Gould

Katina Gould has her B.S. in Human Services from Evangel University. She is currently working on her masters in marriage and family therapy in Seattle where she works and lives.

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