Prepare for Your Future Partner

prepare for your future partner

If you want to have a happy relationship in your life, then you should prepare for your future partner now. It may be the best thing you can do to plan for your future happiness.

New Love

At some point in life you’ve surely experienced new love. It’s that time where you find someone that you can’t get enough of. No matter how much time you spend together, it’s never enough. Everything about them entices you and thrills you. You always want more.

Over time things start to change. The habits you found endearing can often begin to grate on you. The encouraging words turn to judgement. The excitement you had about staying fit and dressing well has been overtaken by your love of ice cream and sweatpants.

Perhaps now it’s time to prepare for your future partner.

Relationships Change

The thing is that we tend to work hard at the beginning of a relationship. We tend to gloss over minor things and be extra supportive. Whether it’s just a natural inclination or something else, we find ourselves striving to be the perfect partner almost effortlessly.

But as time goes on and the initial euphoria starts to fade, it becomes harder to maintain that level of kindness, support, and personal discipline. When that happens, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect time to prepare for your future partner.

Your Future Partner

Before you feel yourself waning in your feelings, prepare for your future partner. Instead of sitting on the couch doing nothing, go for a walk with your current partner. The conversation will prepare you for long, thoughtful talks with your future partner.

And do nice things for your current partner. If she’s had a hard day, get her something to drink, let her relax, and rub her feet. This way you’ll know exactly what to do for your future partner.

And take care of yourself. After all, hanging around in sweatpants all day won’t attract any future partners. It may be okay to watch the game in an ill-fitting jersey, but otherwise, dress like you care. Eat well and exercise. If you want to attract that future partner, you’ll want to seem like you’re interested enough to make an effort.

Who knows: if you put in the effort like you did when you first met your current partner, treat them well, and show up like you want to be there, you might find that your current partner may just be the wonderful future you’ve been preparing for.

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