Production Line of Happiness

Over the last six weeks, I have become obsessed with Louise Hay and listening to her CDs of positive affirmations and power thoughts. I listen to them while waking up, driving to work, going about my day, driving home, and falling asleep. My goal is to re-program my thinking until I am a production line of happiness.

As I repeat her affirmations such as “I am safe wherever I go,” “my future is glorious,” and “my income is constantly increasing” I add in my own to get clear on who I am and what I want in life. Instead of focusing on what I may not be or have right now, I claim that I am and that I do. If we affirm good things for our future, that is where they will stay. If we affirm things in the present that is where they will unfold.

I tell myself, “I am a published writer,” “I travel the world reading my fiction to sold out crowds,” “I am a magnet for miracles—my life surprises and delights me,” “I am a mother to the many children in my life,” “I love myself and my divine soulmate will present himself at the perfect time.”

Louise teaches us to be aware of the affirmations we are already using. Are we telling ourselves that we aren’t worthy of love, money, or happiness until we become someone or something else? Instead love yourself. Now. As you are. Love yourself and claim your glorious future though present moment affirmations.

We learn by teaching and the easiest way to notice our own thoughts and their power over our lives is to help others see themselves in the beautiful light that we see them. By coaching our friends and colleagues to create positive affirmations, we too can hone our skills at catching negativity and uncertainty in our thinking. And once caught, we can create new thoughts that support our growth and success instead.

I have a friend with a baby on the way and she expressed her concern over the birth process. I suggested that she spend time visualizing the birth as peaceful while saying the following, “The birth of my son will go quickly and smoothly. We make a great team and the birth experience is intuitive and easy for both of us. All is well and we are safe.” She loved it and asked for me to record it for her. Even better would be for her to record her own voice as it will resonate much deeper and access her unconscious mind more quickly. By repeating this affirmation until it becomes second nature, the old thoughts of unease will dissipate. Try using the voice memo feature on your phone to create loving messages to yourself.

I work with college students and as we get closer to graduation fear tends to take over their job search leaving them feeling disempowered to find something that will make them happy. I encourage them to repeat the following every time they apply for jobs, interview, and think about their future: “The right job is waiting for me and I will know it when I find it.” One of my students even created a graphic symbolizing this sentiment and used it for the lock screen on his cell phone. Every time he goes to look at his phone he sees it. Try placing your affirmations where you will see them throughout your day. These notes and signs help remind us of the power of our thoughts. As Louise tells me daily in her CDs, “The point of power is always in the present moment.”

Another close friend is suffering from anxiety and constantly gets stuck in a series of negative thoughts that keep piling up on each other until they surround him from every direction. In order to break the cycle, I encourage him to accept that he has helped create the anxiety as resistance creates more of what you don’t want in life. Instead of worrying and rehashing all of the things anxiety is preventing him from experiencing and enjoying he can say, “I release the need to suffer from anxiety. I accept that my healing has already begun. I love myself and I am safe.”

Our thoughts truly do create our lives, so let’s create the lives we truly deserve. Lives full of happiness, laughter, abundance in every form, friendship, love, miracles that surprise and delight us, and smiles so wide our cheek muscles are stronger than ever before.

Love yourself now. Create the life of your dreams. Be your own production line of happiness.

Anne Lynch

Anne Lynch lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia where she is heavily involved in the Hungarian community. Anne has her MFA in Creative Writing from the California College of the Arts. Ms. Lynch’s work is published in “Crick! Crack! Poems and Stories by Emerging Writers.”

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2 Responses

  1. I love this, Anne. As I read, I remark, Anne Lynch, my friend is a truly gifted writer and she blesses many with her wise words. My thoughts create my reality and the good news is, I can recreate my personal reality (personality) anytime.

  2. Beautifully expressed and as a Buddhist it resonates with their view that our mind creates the world we experience.

    Thanks for posting this.

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