Some Simple Morning Thoughts

Good morning friends! It’s how I start my daily posts on fb. I’ve been doing a morning post for a few years now and my kids always say, “Don’t you get tired of posting on fb every morning?”, and my answer is always no! Because it’s my way of connecting with family and friends that live far away. Not that a good old fashioned phone call wouldn’t do the trick, but I live in Tennessee, and all of my family, and many friends are on the west coast. So, ya know, that dang time difference. And, I really enjoy doing it!

Some mornings I don’t have a lot on my mind to share, so it’s short and sweet. While other times I feel like I could write a freaking book! And I don’t consider myself a writer. At all! Mostly I like to do it because I want to give people a word of encouragement. To brighten their day. To share a recipe(mostly sweet ones, because I have a sweet tooth. yup!). To say Hey, I’m thinking of you. To just be a light. Because this world can feel really dark at times. And depressing. And just plain gross!! But I believe we were created from Love, to love. Straight up. So, it’s what I try to do, every day. Because, as the saying goes, “Love isn’t love, till you give it away!”. It’s so true! Oh, and “Love is a verb, not a noun”. That’s a good one too!

I just think that if we all spread love, like frosting on a cake, nice and thick, life would be so much sweeter! And for those of you who don’t eat sugar, make the cake and give it away. Someone out there will appreciate it more than you will ever know!

And I always end my morning posts with, “I hope y’all have a great day and remember, God loves you right where you are!”

He really does!!!

Margaret Aylsworth

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