Take Time for the Holidays

take time for the holidays

With the hustle and bustle of daily life and the demands of the holidays, life can move pretty fast. It’s worth remembering to take time for the holidays, and don’t just let them take time from you.

Shopping and Cooking and Decorating Oh My!

The holidays can become hectic fast. Between the shopping for all the gifts, the cooking of all the meals and holiday cookies and desserts, and the decorating, it can become overwhelming. It seems every year we try to make it that much better than the year before.

But it’s not always so easy. Every time we try to make it better, we find out how much it drains us with all the work and prep and the list of 50 things that go wrong. Making everything perfect shows just how hard it is to do just that.

Instead, maybe we should take time for the holidays.

The Important Stuff

The holidays aren’t about food and gifts and decorations. These are just ways we choose to make things better for what really matters: connecting with those we love to celebrate what the holidays mean to us.

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget. There’s a lot going on during the holidays so it’s easy to do.

But we don’t have to have everything perfect. We don’t have to have all the right dishes and all the perfect gifts and the house decorated just so.

Instead, we need to take time for the holidays and focus on the important stuff: the people we love.

Take Time for the Holidays

This year as you’re putting up the decorations and making your delicious holiday meals (whether they are plant-based meals or not), remind yourself why you’re really doing this. Be excited about all the love you will share. Focus on what this is really all about.

Take time for the holidays. The rest of it is all just to make the time special, and if it’s not, then focus on what is.

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