The Rope You Never Had

Many people had to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. You’re one of them.

You succeeded with hard work. You succeeded by having a positive attitude. You succeeded by changing your outlook. How do you help others achieve the same?

So Many Pits
Life has a way of throwing pits all around us. We walk around trying to make the most of our day when we suddenly fall in one. Sometimes we see them; sometimes we don’t. But sooner or later we fall in one just the same.

Sometimes people throw us a rope. Sometimes they don’t. Often we have to fend for ourselves and get out on our own. Sometimes it makes us wiser and stronger. Other times it just makes us weary and aware of how alone we are.

But we make it out and go on.

People in Pits
Sometimes we find people in pits and we often wonder how they got there. We often wonder if they made some horrible choice that put them there. We often wonder if leaving them in the pit will make them wiser and stronger.

We seem to have a belief that when we survive on our own, we need to let other people survive on their own. This doesn’t breed success as much as it breeds individualization, and then we wonder why everyone is out for themselves.

Self-sufficiency is not character. There are plenty of people who can survive all on their own, but will cheat and steal to do it. On the other hand, knowing that someone cares about you builds character. It shows that you have value and leads you to find out how to use it.

The Rope You Never Had
If you’ve ever fallen in a pit and had to get out on your own, you know what it’s like. So when you see someone who’s in a pit, throw them the rope you never had. Help them out. Show them, regardless of whose fault it is that they are in there, that there are people who will help them.

You may never have had a rope to get out of your struggles, but that’s all the more reason you should throw a rope for someone else.

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