The Wisdom of the Miller Lite Life

the wisdom of the miller lite life

As I was driving down the road in a rental car it made me think of my friend “Austin” who I had underestimated; a few minutes in the rental car made me realize he had found the wisdom of the Miller Lite life.

The Trap of the Rental Car

It’s fun to drive rentals. As much as I’ve traveled I’ve driven a ton of them. It’s a great way to see all the exciting features different cars have and enjoy the luxury of a brand new car without the sticker shock.

But as time moves on and the every day car gets older and older, all the new features of the rental start to seem a lot more impressive. The phone connects automatically and starts playing what you were last listening to. Voice control works. Everything just seems so much more advanced.

I’m happy with my current car. I’m not a big believer in flashy things. One day, when the car has served its purpose, I’ll upgrade. Still driving a newer car has a little bit of a draw to it. When you drive one, you start to consider getting a new car now. It made me wonder if I had rented a Lexus would an average car suddenly not be enough?

And that made me consider my friend Austin, and how he had discovered the wisdom of the Miller Lite life.

Shunning the IPA

Austin is a great friend. He’s the type that’s always there when you need him. He used to have poker nights at his house where friends would get together, drink some beer, and have some fun.

One night as I brought over some Sam Adams or similar brew, I told him to try it out. He declined. I asked him why, knowing him to always have a case of Miller Lite in his fridge.

He shared with me his philosophy. “Dave, the thing is I like Miller Lite. I’m happy with it, and it’s cheap. I could try your expensive brew, and the problem is, I might like it. If I’m happy with beer that costs me half as much, why would I ever try something else that I may end up preferring?”

Austin had discovered the wisdom of the Miller Lite Life.

Enjoying What You Have

I haven’t had alcohol in nearly 3 years, but the philosophy is still as valuable as ever: why do we always want to upgrade when we’re happy with what we have?

We should take a page out of Austin’s book and simply be happy and leave well enough alone. Why try something that we may end up putting time and effort and money into when we’re just fine with what we have?

Sometimes we need to apply the Wisdom of the Miller Lite life. Sometimes we just need to be happy with what we have.

Sometimes life is best just as it is.

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