We Don’t Believe in Magic Anymore

we don't believe in magic anymore

I’m often amazed at how gray life seems to most people. It’s just a daily grind to earn some money to be able to afford to do something that adds just a pinch of color to the gray. It seems people don’t realize life is magical and full of color, mainly because we don’t believe in magic anymore.

Anything Is Possible

When we were kids we thought anything was possible. We not only saw the world as a wide open playground of possibilities, we accepted it as normal. All someone had to do was say, “you’re an astronaut”, and boom, just like magic you were an astronaut moving your arms weightlessly as you bounded around space.

Life was full of magic and full of fun. Life was colorful because we made it colorful. We had our brushes that painted our world any way we wanted to see it.

Sadly, as time passes and age takes hold, it seems we don’t believe in magic anymore. We seem stuck in the gray simply because we won’t accept the magic people give us.

Magic Deflection

As adults everything has changed. We no longer accept the magic that people bestow on us. We deflect the color that they send our way and prefer to stay in our gray world.

Someone throws a colorful flash of magic our way: “you look amazing today!”, which we quickly deflect: “Are you kidding? I look awful. My hair’s a mess, and I couldn’t get this wrinkle out of my shirt.”

They tell us we’re brilliant and we say “Me? I tripped on the way in here.” They tell us we’re fun to talk to and we respond with all the ways we’re boring.

They’re trying to show us the magical truth of who we are and we are so stuck in the gray we can’t see it. It seems we don’t believe in magic anymore.

Believe in Magic

You don’t have to be a superstar to be awesome. You don’t have to be Einstein to be brilliant. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to be captivating. You simply have to believe in the words that people say.

You are full of amazing awesomeness. There are things you are capable of that make the world brighter and others’ lives better. You can make people smile. You can make someone’s day. You can solve problems that will improve others’ lives.

It seems that since we’ve grown, we don’t believe in magic anymore, but maybe we should. You are full of magic. You are full of awesomeness. You are full of potential.

Accept the compliments. Believe the affirmations. Internalize the positive visions of who you are. Be the magical you that you truly are.

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