Why Is Kindness So Important?

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Why is kindness so important? In today’s world, there’s no denying that we have a shortage of kindness – now is the time, more than ever, for the world as a whole to be united.

When Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible”, he meant it irrespective of one’s financial status, color, creed, or race. Too often, sometimes without even thinking about it, we make distinctions between one another on such a basis. Aren’t we all humans, after all? Is kindness only meant for one specific group or segment?

You can make someone’s day better; strive to be kind; our inclination to feel for others separates us from animals.

Kindness Comes Without a Price Tag

Being kind comes free of cost; it is a fulfilling experience that will elevate your self-esteem levels and lift the mood of others. You don’t have to be good-looking or charming to make an impression when you have the power of words at your disposal.

Especially ever since COVID-19, feelings of isolation have only grown among certain individuals, which is why you, to some extent, should try to be the light in their lives. Kindness doesn’t mean that you are constantly roaming around that particular individual – rather, it is non-intrusive, liberating, and multiplies in ways you can’t possibly imagine. 

Over the years, the belief we have come to is that “money can buy happiness” because the society which we live in is very focused on wealth. But, in all honesty, it isn’t true – money can help make things accessible for you, but it can’t guarantee you joy. 

Similarly, if you have wealth and give, but demean those you help, it means nothing. It has to be from the heart, and it has to be meaningful. Anyone can pass out a few bucks but are they all genuine acts of kindness or just tactics to garner respect from society?

Therefore, be mindful of your actions, and when you’re being generous, don’t do it for the sake of putting on a show. Act from the heart.

A Welcoming Perspective

Our acts of kindness are such that they may seem highly trivial to us, but to others, they are an unparalleled demonstration of care and humility. It all depends on the perception – if you deem or perceive a particular individual in a good way, you will see them as such. 

What takes priority is that you always try to put yourself in the situation and assess how you would have wanted to be treated if you were in that person’s shoes. 

We warrant that in the end, you won’t question “why is kindness so important?” instead, you will be glad that it exists in the first place. Something we have learned over the years is not to judge or underestimate anyone; we don’t know what they’re going through, so the least we could do is show some kindness to them.

Your Acts Make A Massive Difference!

When you are being kind to someone, you are doing it for the entire community. We say this because the good deeds you commit today will always multiply themselves, and that too in unimaginable ways. The way you treat others speaks volumes of yourself and your upbringing, so if you are attempting to do a good deed, do it with all your heart!

The only things that will remain with you are your actions. Your upbringing is demonstrated by your choices, which is why we hope you choose to do those actions that help you and others. 

We aren’t saying that you become a philanthropist and start donating thousands or millions of dollars. We understand that not everyone has the same means or resources, and we respect it. However, kindness is beyond money, it is not materialistic, and it can take many forms. 

For instance, you can donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore; you can run a food drive or even nicely compliment someone. Learn to appreciate even the smallest things rather than constantly searching for something big. This is how you develop the act of generosity, and once you do, you will savor it!

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Tooba Wains

Tooba Wains is a Project Manager at Pen Slingers, obliged to provide you with positivity and aspiration towards life through her writing skills. She has written countless writings for different forums and websites. Being a sociologist, her ultimate goal is to spread humanitarianism through her writing pieces. Her primary genre of writing is motivation and aspirational content. What she enjoys most is encouraging those who have given up to find hope and excel. Through her work, she is passionate about spreading hopes and enlightening others’ ways.

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