Your Current Circumstance Doesn’t Define Your Future

Seven years ago I lived in a section of a 100-year old home, drove a beat up, rusted out car, and was tens of thousands in debt.

Seven years later, I live in a two-story home in a beautiful neighborhood with no debt, have a reasonable mortgage, have a decently stocked emergency fund, and I write books, blog posts, and scripts, and direct films in my spare time.

Even in tough times, your future is full of possibilities. History is riddled with examples of this. Here are a few.

Lincoln, Rowling, Jobs
Lincoln failed at relationships, business, and politics before becoming one of our most beloved presidents.

J.K. Rowling was divorced, jobless, and living on government assistance before she wrote the phenomenally successful Harry Potter series.

Steve Jobs, co founder of Apple was kicked out of his own company and left struggling to find success in two different companies that chewed through his earnings. Eventually, Pixar, maker of Toy Story, the Incredibles, and others became a wild success and Jobs came back to Apple to make it the most valuable company in the world.

More Common Successes
There are many people who failed miserably before they succeeded. In fact, don’t take my word for it: try Google. It won’t take long to be inspired by a litany of people who suffered greatly, and succeeded even more greatly.

But there are also many, many more – hundreds of thousands if not millions more and beyond – who struggled in life at some time and still became successful. Even if they didn’t make millions, they lived a full, rich life.

Your current circumstance doesn’t define your future. If you find yourself today struggling, look for support. Focus on faith – believing that good things are ahead. Take smart chances that will improve your life – jump in where it make sense. Have fun.

You’ve already accomplished a lot. Keep moving forward. There’s a bright future ahead.

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